10 Tonnen Teleskopausleger-LKW-Kran


The 10-ton telescopic boom crane is the best solution for your flexible handling of heavy loads.

These truck cranes can be used for multiple work applications, such as electric line maintenance and construction, transmission and distribution, tree trimming, and other related uses. Articulating cranes, which are also known as telescopic boom cranes, are designed to be heavyweight and highly maneuverable for maximum payload while working in tight spaces.

With a lifting capacity of up to 200-ton meters, OUCO telescopic boom Truck Cranes are a popular choice for construction, mining, marine industries, and others.

Why Choose OUCO 10 Ton Telescopic Boom Truck Cranes?

Through the use of high-strength materials and multiple protection of its control system, OUCO is able to provide superior telescopic boom truck cranes that will withstand all kinds of harsh operating conditions.

Our advanced truck cranes are designed with high strength materials and rigorous factory testing to ensure reliability and safety.

In addition, OUCO has the highest level of manufacturing capability in China with its increasing investment in technology.

10 Tonnen Teleskopausleger-LKW-Kran

Benefits of OUCO 10 Ton Telescopic Boom Truck Cranes

  • Single-cylinder synchronous guy cable technology, unparalleled work efficiency.
  • Using pentagonal or hexagonal booms, more symmetrical center design, stronger bending resistance.
  • Added load alarm device, safe and reliable.
  • Floating three-point bridge type structure design to reduce the additional stress on the chassis when driving.
  • Anti-swing impulse device, the vehicle driving safety and stability.
  • Unique structural design with lower weight
  • Optimized hydraulic system with lower energy consumption and friendly environment
  • Equipped with multiple operational safety protection measures
  • Comply with CE, GOST and other safety requirements
10 Ton Telescopic Boom Truck Crane for sale

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Marke OUCO
Farbe Kundenanforderungen
Garantie 1 Jahr
Nennladekapazität 10 t
Bewerteter Hebemoment 200 in.m
Max. Hochheben 13.8m
Spannweite 2-11.1m
Zertifizierung CE / ISO9001
Drehwinkel 360°
Eigengewicht 3.3 t


OUCO Industry wurde im Februar 1984 gegründet und erstreckt sich über eine Fläche von 48,000 Quadratmetern, die Baufläche beträgt 35,000 Quadratmeter. OUCO hat seinen Hauptsitz in der Heimatstadt der Krane in der Provinz Jiangsu und repräsentiert die fortschrittlichste Maschinenfertigung in China. OUCO hat mehr als 150 Angestellte, 20 waren das technische Personal. Unter ihnen gibt es fünf Senior-Titel, 10 Titel auf mittlerem Niveau und insgesamt 50 Schweißer (die CCS-, ABS- und andere wichtige Institutionen zertifiziert haben). Es verfügt auch über von der Berufsorganisation zertifiziertes Personal für die Fehlererkennung, das Auditpersonal für Qualitätssysteme, das Inspektionspersonal usw.


Einige allgemeine Informationen, die Sie uns geben, werden mehr geschätzt.

A. Arbeitsumgebung

B. Tragfähigkeit

C. Spanne

D. Hubhöhe

E. Welche Art von Kran

How Many Operating Methods For My Selection?

A. Hängeregler mit Drucktasten.

B. Fernbedienung mit Drucktasten.

C. Cabin(space capsule seat) control with Joystick.

Können Sie die seriösen Hebewerkzeuge bereitstellen?

Any lift tools such as lift sling belt, lift clamp, grab, etc. as your requirement!


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thanks for the good work
By Harlin on 2023-01-05
The best small crane for truck, thanks for the good work
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Simply good.
By Jarred Fegan on 2022-12-09
Simply good.
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Already receive
By Brady Moskal on 2022-07-12
Already received. I installed it straight away and it has worked successfully.
Star Star Star Star Star
Excellent Crane
By Margarete on 2022-01-20
Thanks a lot I think you will provide more type of cranes in future.
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